Baby Mattress – Test Before Purchase

The search for the right baby bed and the matching baby mattress is already beginning some time before birth.

Parents, midwives and doctors agree on the point that it may well be a used baby bed. At the same time, however, they are of the opinion that it is essential to read crib mattress reviews for buying the best one.

This has both hygienic, ergonomic and health benefits. Many of the mattresses that are used are naturally polluted or worn out by the monthly use, which may harm the health of the offspring and its natural posture in early childhood. A new, thin and high-quality mattress thus lays the foundation for an ergonomic and healthy spine and a restful sleep.

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Another important issue with regard to proper sleeping in children and babies is the often feared sudden child death. Although many theories have been found in the course of the years regarding the causes, the researchers agree that a too soft, permeable and air-impermeable mattress is often the trigger for this destiny.

Above all, babies are not able to turn themselves independently and without help from outside with a few weeks. On a mattress that is too soft, this can cause them to suffocate in the material, lying on their tummy. The Baby mattress should therefore be by no means too soft and not too thick. Here it is necessary to rethink: for adults, you usually look for a mattress which is beautifully thick. For babies and children the opposite is the case.

A too soft and thick mattress would have several disadvantages.

Why not buy soft and fat Baby mattress?

The baby can sink in the belly position so far that it no longer gets air

In the case of hitching in the baby bed, the edge of the baby mat can sink so deep that the foot between the bed frame and the mattress is pinched

The spine of the small rack is not supported and it can lead to back problems later

What is the size of baby mattress?

The standard size for baby bed mattresses is 60 x 120cm (width x length). This size is for babies and toddlers up to a body size of max. 100cm, thus up to an age of approx. 2 years. However, there are many caravans and baby beds that have special sizes. Here you have to look for something to find the right new mattress. Children’s mattresses generally exist in many other sizes.

The height of baby bed mattresses is usually 8-12 cm. This usually takes 6-10cm on the mattress core and 2cm on the cover.

What types of babymattress are there?

Latex Baby mattress: This baby mattress is made of 100% latex and is one of the more expensive models. Latex offers a natural antibacterial protection and protection against house dust mites. The cover should, however, be removable and washable at 60 °. It’s good for allergy sufferers.

Cold foambaby mattress: The cold foambaby mattress is probably the most common mattress for the youngest. It contains a cold foam core and often consists of several layers. Cold foam is also suitable for allergy sufferers, since this is normally free of pollutants.

Feather core baby mattress: Most spring core baby mattress have a jumping elasticfeather core. Due to the core, these mattresses are very durable and durable. Feather core baby mattress are rather rare offered.

Coconut baby mattress: Coconutbaby mattress have a firm coconut. The latexedcoconut fiber consists of 100% natural materials and is recommended for parents who value natural products.

Tips For Using Maternity Pillows

What is a Maternity Pillow?

The best sleep position for pregnancy is on her side. Before the appearance of pregnancy pillow, pregnant women were forced to do with plain old bed pillows. Nowadays there are many brands available on the market that support to pregnant women’s sleep

There are 4 types of pregnancy pillow:

  • A Pregnancy pillow
  • The wedge that is put under the belly
  • Body pillow .
  • Bean pillow

Using maternity pillow

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Being pregnant is a wonderful thing that many women look forward to a long time. There’s nothing like the feeling that you will bring a new life into the world. However, there are times that pregnancy can make you very uncomfortable. One of these times is when you’re trying to sleep. As your pregnancy progresses, you may find it difficult to get comfortable. This makes it very difficult for you to rest and sleep you need. This is a common problem that many women experience and now there is a product that helps with this problem. This product is called the snoogle maternity pillow. (more…)

Tips For Preventing Plantar Fasciitis

At the moment you put your feet out of bed, a double feeling of sharp pain and slenderness under the heel will take your breath away. Is this scene familiar to you? It is also true for many people. This annoying and disabling pain that is exacerbated by running or walking (especially on waking) is caused by plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue band that covers the sole of the foot.

Plantar fasciitis affects about two million people every year. The good news is that this problem is preventable and can be relieved by chiropractic. Faced with this common condition, Drs. Lemay and Pépin, chiropractors, adopt a multidimensional strategy. Why? Because scientific research reveals that no single technique is effective in all cases.

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Education on Plantar Fasciitis

As chiropractors believe in empowering patients, they teach them the principles of anatomy that underlie their reasons for consultation. Before developing a care program, they explain that the plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band that covers the entire soles of the foot and ends just at the base of the toes. It acts as an elastic band that keeps the complex arch of the foot, essential for stability and displacement. Plantar fasciitis is not attributable to only one event; It develops slowly, over repeated trauma.

Postural alignment and plantar fasciitis

For chiropractors, the body is an ensemble of which all parts are interconnected. Vertebral health is the basis of this overall vision of well-being, and chiropractors are working to preserve it by detecting and correcting a common condition called vertebral subluxation, which results in loss of spinal flexibility or misalignment Of the vertebrae.

Even a subtle misalignment can be most harmful to the whole organism. For example, vertebral subluxation often causes misalignment of the hip joints, and one can then see that one hip is slightly larger than the other. In turn, a disproportionate force is applied to one knee and one foot, predisposing the person to various musculoskeletal disorders, including plantar fasciitis.

Various treatments for plantar fasciitis

Because they advocate comprehensive health care, chiropractors recommend to their patients, in addition to chiropractic adjustments, different techniques that assist in the relief of pain associated with plantar fasciitis such as therapeutic massage and stretching in the form of “Active Release. They also offer exercises that incorporate movements under the foot with a tennis ball and ice applications using a frozen water bottle.

Stretching for plantar fasciitis

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To accelerate healing, chiropractors recommend certain stretches that improve the flexibility of the plantar facia, Achilles tendon and calf muscles. The ideal is to stretch several times a day, especially following an exercise, the evening before bedtime and the morning out of bed.

Buy the best shoes for plantar fasciitis

– At the time of the shopping, wear the same kind of stockings you would wear during the exercise.

– Do your shopping immediately after a workout or in the evening, when your feet are swollen.

– Ask a salesperson to measure your two feet (when you are standing, not sitting). Are your feet different in size? If so, always buy for the biggest foot.

– Make a visual inspection of each shoe. Are the soles at the same level? Are individual components properly bonded? Is the shoe manufactured with “breathable” and soft material? Most famous manufactures provide thoroughly your requirements such as New Balance, Asics, Brook, Skechers, Nike, Adidass,…

– Wear both shoes for at least 20 minutes before buying them. Are the shoes completely comfortable and provide sufficient support when you are running or jumping?

– Ask a salesperson to check if there is at least a space equivalent to your thumb between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Do not check it yourself because the foot position changes when you bend.

Footwear and Foot Fasciitis

Dr. Rosalie and Dr. Jean-François also explain to their patients the connection between footwear and plantar fasciitis. In a normal gait, the weight of the body rests on the heel when the heel touches the ground. The worn the shoes, the less they absorb the shock and then transfer the trauma to the foot. The reduction of the damping accelerates the occurrence of the plantar aponeurosis.

It is the same thing if the shoe is badly manufactured. A triathlon athlete developed a plantar aponeurosis in part because of a faulty running shoe. The heel of good shoes for running had been glued inward, so that the inclination was different from the other.

As the shock absorbers of a car, shoes should be regularly inspected and replaced. Sports shoes worn several times a week should be replaced every three to six months, or about 500 miles. Other factors, such as walking on hard surfaces and obesity, accelerate the decline. In addition to frequently replacing worn shoes, it is important to choose well-built shoes.