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Be Rich If You Want to Play Golf

Be Rich If You Want to Play Golf

When we grow up, we realize an ugly truth that this world is not fair and that everyone is not the same. There are people who are very rich while there are people who are very people. You can see that truth in every corner of the earth. The more developed a country is, the further the distance between the rich and the poor is. The rich and the poor are different in the way they work, the way the think and even in the way they play games. We have to admit that there are some sports that were born to  be only for rich people. If you are not rich, you should never think of playing such sports. Today in this article, I will share with you some sports that you should stay away from if you do not have much money.


The first sport that poor people should say no is golf. Don’t be so naïve to think that you can just get out to the course and with a big dream of becoming such a great golfer like Tiger Wood and you can make it. Before you decide to start playing golf, you should ask yourself if you have enough money to buy all the neccessary golf equipment? For example. All golfers should prepare a golf swing analyzer. To know how much a golf swing analyzer cost, just go online and search for golf swing analyzer reviews. When you read those golf swing analyzer reviews, you will see that even the cheapest golf swing analyzer can take away from you a lot of money. And if you are poor, I’m sure you can not afford it. If you can afford it, maybe you will have to live together with hunger for quite a long time. I have just talked about golf equipment. However, golf equipment is not everything you need to pay for if you have intention to play golf. The fees to pay golf is very high for people of average income, golf equipment are pricey as I have just said. And if you want to improve your skill, you cannot just look at people playing or watch videos on, you have to practise and regularly register for professional lessons and forget all about it if you do not have money. It is kinda straightforward but you should know about it before you invest the whole salary of one month in the game and you have to give up with the sport because you cannot play golf without having anything in your stomach. Donald Trump – a famous and rich man is the one who gave a hurting advice that only rich people should be allowed to play golf. He does not want to hurt poor people. In fact, I think he is trying to save poor people from investing in such a sport that is not good for them.

But you should not feel sad about that. It will be a source of couragement for you to try your best to be rich. After all, most golf players are old. When you are old, you may be rich enough to play golf. Good luck!

Tips To Have A Good Sleep For Backpackers

Tips To Have A Good Sleep For Backpackers

If you are a new backpacker or camper, you may ignore the importance of a good sleep. You think that to go is to discover, not to sleep. So you don’t have to prepare anything to for your sleep at night in the outdoors. However, experienced backpackers will know that a good sleep will give you energy to enjoy your journey. But to sleep soundly without a soft cozy bed is quite a question. And in this article, I will help you answer that question by sharing with you some helpful tips that you can make use of to have to good sleep when you go out for a picnic or other trips.

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The first tip is to choose the right sleeping gear. What sleeping gear should you prepare? It depends on you and the kind of trip you are going on. I will give you some choices. If you’d love the feeling of adventure and you are camping in a place with a lot of trees, you can think about bringing a best hammock with you. A hammock can work nicely both as a bed and a warm blanket in order to give you a beautiful sleep. You can toss yourself a little and that can make you easier to dive deeply into your sleep with beautiful dreams. As for me, I don’t like tossing at all because It makes my head spin around and I will have a headache. Nowadays, a lot of hammock manufacturers produce the ultralight version of hammock with the ability to be paired with tarps and backpackers can easily ditch the tent. That is a really helpful tip that a new backpacker should know to make the trip go much more smoothly. The pros of a hammock is that it is very light, comfortable and also very fun. However, think carefully before you decide to bring your hammock with you becauce it may turn out to be useless or even a burden when you cannot find an ideal setup spot. Other types of sleeping gears you may choose are self-inflating foam pads, air pads, foam pads, air mattresses, each with its own advantages and disavantages. So spend time thinking about what sleeping gear you should bring. That is very important. Do not lazy. A sleeping gear can make your bag a little bit heavier but it can make up for you by giving you a good sleep, which is a source of energy for you to discover the world. You should also bring with you other sleeping aids if you feel that they are important and not too heavy for you. Other sleeping aids include pillows, eyeshades, earplugs, neck roll, light source. A pillow is not necessarily a pillow from your home. You can do it  yourself by using a pillowcase and fill it with some clothing and you will have a cool pillow.

There are a lot of other tips which I will share with you in the next articles. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Great Benefits Of A Golf GPS Watch

Great Benefits Of A Golf GPS Watch

Have you got yourself a good golf gps watch? If not, hurry up and choose a good one to complete your golf bag. Don’t waste the benefits that a golf gps watch can bring you when you play golf. Today in this article, I will share with you those great benefits so that you will know if you should buy a golf gps watch or not.

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The first benefit of a golf gps watch and also the main purpose of its application is to provide users with the accurate measurement of the distances from where you are to the hole and other parts of the course. However, not all golf gps watches are the same when it comes to the matter of accuracy. So before you buy a golf gps watch, I recommend you read as many golf gps watch reviews as possible. Those golf gps watch reviews will provide you with necessary information. In the past, golf players used to have to guess the distance. It makes golf more like a hit-and-hope game. With a golf gps watch worn on your wrist, you will know exactly the distance and perform much better. Try to find a golf gps watch with high accuracy to help you the best in your golf game.

The second benefit of a golf gps watch is that it can reduce handicap when you play golf. This sounds like a little bit strange. But the fact is that it is truly true. Why can a golf gps wathc help ôt reduce handicap? It is because using a golf gps watch helps you release your tension. So you will be less vulnerable to handicap in the golf game.

The third benefit of a golf gps watch is that you will not have to worry much about out-of-sight shots. An wayward shot is always a big scare to a lot of golf players. But it is said that you have not been a real golf player until you can make those out-of-sight shots. Before the age of golf gps watch, those shots are really difficult to take. Now you have got a golf gps watch to help you. This is a special benefit of a golf gps watch that even a golf laser rangefinder does not have.

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The forth benefit of a golf gps watch is that you can play faster with more efficiency. This benefit comes from the first benefit I have just mentioned above. Because you have a golf gps watch that can give you precise measurement of the distance, you don’t have to waste time hesitating about a shot that you want to take. Knowing the exact distance can help you choose the right club quickly.

Those are the four big benefits of a golf gps watch. That will be a great mistake if a golf player doesn’t have a golf gps watch. Go and buy a golf gps watch and you will yourself experience the difference that a golf gps watch can do for your golf game. However, try to choose the best for you to get the best of it.