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Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360


Graco 16y385 truecoat 360

The Graco TrueCoat 360 handheld airless sprayer is superior and it is easy, it is one of all best paint sprayer of Graco Company Because of the disposable FlexLiner paint bag system, the TrueCoat 360 in a path, actually upside down. No some other sprayer is simple to use — simply fill up, squeeze, as well as spray so when you are executed, just dispose or reuse the FlexLiner bag.

Features of TrueCoat 360:


  • Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 double speed electrical airless sprayer therefore superior, it can easy:
  • Just fill up, squeeze, as well as spray can make it prepared to spray inside just a few seconds:
  • Dual speed control change provides precise control as well as decreased overspray:
  • Delivers the smoothest complete along with no thinning needed:
  • Spray in a path, the full 360⁰, without having losing prime:
  • Spray a broad variety of coatings through stains in order to heavy latex as well as acrylics:
  • Fastest as well as simplest startup as well as clean-up:
  • Includes 4-in as well as 12-in Reverse-a-Clean spray as well as 4 FlexLiner bags:


Innovative FlexLiner Paint Bag Program:

  • Quickest as well as simplest startup as well as clean-up:
  • Spray in a direction-full 360° movement:
  • No suction tube in order to adjust or even clean:
  • FlexLiner Paint Bag-toss or even reuse, it is your option.

Three Simple Startup Actions:

  • Fill up FlexLiner bag along with paint or even spot:
  • Squeeze out any kind of leftover air:
  • Spray!

Three Simple Cleanup Actions:

  • Fill up FlexLiner bag along with water or mineral spirits:
  • Shake the unit:
  • Spray right into a bucket:

VacuValve Technology:

  • Just squeeze away all of the air to produce a vacuum cleaner:
  • No tools required-just switch the cap and squeeze!

Dual Speed Control:

  • Low speed for first time customers as well as improved control with regard to small detailed work-high speed to obtain the job carried out quick!

Durable Case:

  • Long lasting design protects sprayer:
  • Maintains tips and accessories organized:

Long lasting, Tungsten Carbide Piston Pump:

  • Quickest applicator to move thin as well as thick material within one coating:
  • Provides the smoothest complete along with no thinning needed:
  • Graco may be the preferred option utilized by the Pros:


  • There is certainly spitting through the spray gun:
  • Paint leaks in to the wet cup:
  • The motor, however the paint pump motor will not:
  • The motor as well as displacement pump operates, however paint pressure is simply too lower, or even none:
  • The displacement pump operates, however the output is simply too lower upon the down stroke or even each swings:
  • The displacement operates, however the output is simply too lower within the upstroke:
  • The displacement pump operates however the pressure is simply too lower:
  • The displacement pump operates however the unit will not prime:
  • Unit does not operate:
  • Device will not begin.
  • Device will never prime.
  • Device will never develop or even maintain pressure.

Customer review:

It was the period in order to paint my house once again and the estimates I received had been within the $4-5, 000.00 range. I made the decision which I might once more, get it done personally, however which I would definitely invest in an airless sprayer. Right after looking at all of the sprayers within the market, as well as reading countless reviews, I selected the actual Graco X7 Professional. My choice had been ideal! The sprayer works perfectly as well as I colored the first coat in the 4, 000, + square foot house (many garages) less than 10 hours. Although it requires a second coating (that is this job), the first coat appears excellent as well as continued easier compared to the compressed air spray system or perhaps a brush. I discovered which I really required to reduced the pressure through the manual’s directions to obtain the best application, therefore begin al little lower chances are they recommend, however in addition to that, I implemented the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Cleanup is really a bit of work, however, not bad. I can easily see this particular sprayer obtaining a lot of work within the future. No much more brushes as well as rollers with regard to me!

Bottom line:

Lastly, the high-end sprayer which is simple to use as well as clean. I need to the greatest feature may be the spray volume level realignment with this sprayer. The actual sprayer is simple in order to get going. Fill up the cup along with paint, prime, as well as proceed. The sprayer used the paint equally as well as effortlessly. Clean up was obviously a breeze as well as with no lot of disassembly as well as mess. I possess sprayed paint with regard to several years. Clean-up had been usually the hassle as well as you needed to maintain a good eye on all of the little parts. The sprayer features a small plunger as well as spring connected which comes out. Simple to follow instructions assisted utilizing the sprayer for your very first time. As soon as you get going, you tend to be home free.

Protect and Preserve Food With a Vacuum Sealer

The term Vacuum sealing indicates to the process of removing air from any package or container. This particular kind of sealing is being used for a while, but still it is quite unknown and unfamiliar to most of the people and surely there are some things that you might have no idea about. To begin with, let us enlighten you to the fact that no vacuum cleaners are engaged in this process. Instead, suction is majorly used in this particular procedure. Vacuum sealers are generally utilized in order to preserve and save food. There are a number of things that should be known to you about vacuum sealers if you are willing to make a purchase. We should start by differentiating the various types of sealers which are available.

Vacuum sealers are ultimately suitable for the casing a diverse range of foods. Everyone has seen food in different groceries and stores in various vacuum containers and packages almost all the time, but only a few of us realized it on the first look. Different kinds of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and their products are simply some of the things you may get which are packaged by vacuum sealers.

Natural air is essentially and effectively substituted or replaced by the dint of Vacuum sealers. In the particular case of meat, almost 99.99 percentage of the total air is expelled. This makes it an almost impossible challenge for any bacteria to grow, survive or cultivate. But in the case with potato chips, the natural air having a good proportion of life sustaining oxygen is excluded and the same space is filled with inert gas, for example Nitrogen. The exception is done in this case of potato chips because they are too fragile. If 99.9 percentage of the total air were removed from it that will definitely damage the product ruining the trade.

Mainly, there are two kinds of vacuum based sealers which are utilized for the packaging and management of food. They can be classified as: external vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers. Both of these kinds of vacuum sealers are utilized to expel the air, but they have their differentiating aim and purpose. They are used for a wide diversity of various kinds of products. However, before you make purchase of a vacuum sealer, you should be sure that you are not making any mistake and get the proper thing.

External vacuum sealers are very much alike in the features with the commercial models that we usually come across for daily usage. However, not all external vacuum sealers are used for domestic usage only. They have a wide range of utilization which extends to being designed for heavy industrial packaging usage.

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While using an external vacuum sealer, you should keep the product in a clean bag and then position the open end of it into the sealer. If this is done, the sealer will expel all the air and gradually seal the open end. This prevents further air from re-entering into the sealed bag. But it should be kept in mind that external vacuum sealers should not be used together with delicate natured products like potato chips because they are not capable to substitute the present air with inert gas like Nitrogen.

Chamber vacuum sealers are known as the most widely used sealing packaging utilized for industrial package and management. Chamber vacuum sealers have similarities with the external vacuum models, but their packaging processes are very much different.

While using a chamber vacuum sealer, the packaging product is kept initially in a bag. Afterwards, the entire bag is positioned in a chamber for packaging procedure. If the system is ready, the hood of the chamber is forcefully pulled down. The system expels 99.9 percentage of the total air within the entire chamber and then it seals off the unlocked end of the bag. The atmospheric pressure inside the chamber is gradually taken back to the normal level. The previously sealed bag is made vacuum packaged in this process and it becomes ready to be used commercially. If it is needed, component of this process can engage in expelling the air and replace it with inert gas. The mass of the total air which is exhausted from the chamber can be set or adjusted as it is needed for production.

A Rewarding Experience

Gifting is a sweet gesture that has been appreciated as a token of affection and gratitude from many centuries. We feel special when we are showered with gift and affection. Now there are thousands of options and choices to enthral our loved ones with various gifts on many occasions.

Someone who is extremely spiritual and practices meditation may prefer the best essential oil diffuser that is available in the market. Hence it is extremely important to keep their necessities in mind while buying gifts. The definition of gifting has changed drastically over the years.

In this era of connectivity many are detail oriented and prefer researching before buying a gift for their dear ones. People would keep the likes, dislikes, special preferences in mind and hunt for ideal gifts.

Making people happy is however not limited to friends and family but is often extended to the work environment too. Employers, employees and staff often receive appreciation in the form of gift vouchers and coupons.

It would be very interesting to note that there are certain methods and etiquettes involved in corporate gifting practices across various cultures. There are certain ethics involved that must be followed by every responsible employee/ employer or a customer.


  • Gifts are not accepted if there is no valid reason to do so.
  • Gifts are exchanged during celebrations, as a token of appreciation after a successful completion of a task or a project, as a sweet gesture for future favours.
  • Corporate gifts are expected to be reciprocated as a rule. Else it would be considered rude.
  • Lavish gifts are perceived to be generous and are much appreciated.
  • As Chinese emphasize on harmony and balance they prefer gifting in pairs!.


  • Gifts are not appreciated if they are wrapped in black coloured paper, because it is inauspicious to use black shade.
  • Unwrapping the gift in the presence of the gift giver is considered to be impolite.
  • Any gifts which would potentially hurt the religious sentiments are disliked. For instance gifting a leather item to a religious Hindu could be perceived bad.
  • Gifts are expected from the host/hostess and it could be as small and simple as a box of chocolates or some flowers and fruits.


  • More than gift the ‘gift giving’ act is much liked in Japan.
  • One can find that the ‘expensive gifts’ are very common.
  • Gifts are presented at the end of the visit of business meetings.
  • To present or to receive both the hands must be extended.
  • Gifts presented in 4 or 9 numbers are considered bad omen while just like china gifts in pairs are preferred.

Apart from some of this eastern countries there are other parts of the world where ‘gifting’ is perceived bit differently.

Saudi Arabia

  • Only close and dear friends are to be gifted.
  • The quality of gifts is of prime importance.
  • Men would not accept silk or gold as presents.
  • The most popular gift in Saudi is any good quality ‘perfume’.
  • Unlike in India, it is not considered to be impolite to open presents in front of the gift giver.


  • In corporate setting office supplies of good quality like pens with the gift giver’s logo or signature is perceived to be elegant.
  • Small gifts of superior quality are preferred.
  • Flowers must be unwrapped and in uneven numbers. Though flowers in 13 numbers are not perceived good.
  • Red roses as gifts denote romantic intentions.
  • Lilies or chrysanthemums are used only at funerals hence does not make ideal gifts.

United Kingdom

  • Gifts do not form a regular part of UK culture but once received, reciprocation is important.
  • Presents are unwrapped in front of the gift giver to offer gratitude.
  • On any invitation to a dinner or a meeting a bottle of wine with some chocolates and flowers are considered polite.
  • Just as in Germany red roses are given to express romantic interests and lilies express mourning.
  • It is extremely important to consider the taste and likes of the recipient before gifting.

Gifting becomes even more important when one considers some of the key factors like

  1. The recipient is a person or a group of people.
  2. The status of the recipient.
  3. Are gifts reciprocated?

If one carefully chooses the gifts and presents the ‘gift giving’ could be a fulfilling and a rewarding experience.