Monthly Archive: September 2005

I’m dead (still)!

Those who believe me dead cram the toes to the knee in the eye!

On the contrary, I do so many things really well this time of the coup news blog suffers slightly … But I try to finish telling my trip to Australia if possible before next year … But it is super long to find the right pictures to illustrate my point, about which themselves bring super long to find the tortuous path meanders from my brain to my keyboard, etc … And after that I still Thailand Burma, Romania, New York, Paris, Ticino and Canada to tell!

Pfffff, I’m not about to have finished … I should still post pictures of Romania and America pretty soon, and then I would try to end Australia, because Australia is still pretty darn owl, and therefore it deserves to be done.

For those wondering where I am these days, well, I’m in New York, more precisely, I live in Brooklyn Chinatown (a crazy place) until mid-October. Weeeee! More detail in a future post!