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Day 1: Adelaide to the Flinders Ranges

Hop, this is the second, and the second episode of my terrible desert adventure, but also and especially the beginning of the chronological narrative of what I did!

To see some guidance there is always the small map that can help you a little (I have to find one better).

Adelaide, the city in south-central Australia, I have not seen much since I arrived half zombified after driving all night in a refrigerated car from Melbourne, and the 4×4 me gathered in the same place one hour later. But the little that I saw did not look very interesting, such a flat city and morose with some large buildings in the middle … but I really do not see much.

Then, on the rise of Adelaide in Port Augusta, nothing to report, I do not even no specific recollection actually … just Genre of paved road and flat landscape. Once said exceeded thelast little stretch of sea that is more like a long salt marsh, we leave the main road and itbegins to sink in rather arid …

quorn-tourist-emporium quorn-railwail-station quorn-outback-house

We stop briefly at Quorn in the afternoon, a small town a little lost at about 30Km from the tip of the Sea, in which he does not seem to happen much. I wonder if there are people who live there, because apart from two cars I have not seen any sign of life. The streets are completely deserted, and the whole city is bathed in a soft music played through loudspeakers on lampposts, music that is also found in the supermarket. Maybe she also happens in every house in the corner, who knows? The only more or less tourist attraction of this city is an explanatory sign in front of the old station which explains that here passed the Ghan , the famous train that crosses Australia (I reparlerais).

Well, after that we continue a little bit and it goes into the hills of the Flinders Ranges, and there are really starting in the pristine, the first kangaroos begin to scamper in all directions, and also emus running as calibrated at full speed (40km / h!). Wow this is the first sensations “real outback” it rocks!

south-flinders-ranges-2734 south-flinders-ranges-2724 south-flinders-ranges-2730

After climbing on a hill like crazy with the 4×4 (we even had to abandon the caravan route otherwise we would not come out), it was a super nice views around. The highest of these hills, Mount Arden rises to 845 meters.

buckaringa-middle-gorges-2735 buckaringa-middle-gorges-2739

Once back down and been fetched caravan, visiting super dried and wild gorges, Buckaringa Middle Gorge. We see tons of kangaroos but also much rarer ring tailed rock wallabiesjumping up and down in the cliffs in all directions like tripe without ever beat up.

It is also full of dead kangaroos which date from the terrible drought of summer. And there are also a bunch of huge eucalyptus hollow in which one can even go if a poor kangaroo has not done his grave. There are even those who have tunnels and can pass completely. These bizarre forms are due to the fire that burns inside the trees, leaving the outside.

In the evening, we stopped in a kind of desert campground with lots of trees and large hillsbehind. It was still close to the ocean, so once coated seoleil he began to méchament cold, plus a wind from hell. In short, if there was no fire we would all be dead, like kangaroos. But against this is the only time we got cold!

My exciting ideas desert adventures, Episode 1

Well, go, I’d say I continued my blog, so I continued.

As estimated delivery of the coldest night of the year , the time seems ripe for exciting ideas continue to tell my adventures in the Australian desert (yes, that time, I started writing last Tuesday and I shall do line as today). Or maybe even start to tell them, because I do reminds me to have to start before the recount. So here the beginning of relatage my lil ride in the desert, it’s a long relatation beginning!

Basically it was a turn (more or less) organized 10 days in a 4×4 of Adelaide in South Australia to Alice Springs in the center of the middle of Australia. Here’s a little map:


In fact it was not really done this trip there: he fesait too hot to go to the Simpson Desert, so we skipped and the 4th day it was already in the corner of Uluru (Ayers Rock) , and we had more than time to explore the area.

The company is Heading Bush . It’s not the only ones who do that, but to have crossed competitors here and there in the desert, I think it’s the best. Other company fesaient really kind walks tourists, with air-conditioned cars covered with multicolored stickers, and full of paunchy tourists who drink beer making stupidissimes jokes and fart and make faces. And once in the evening they go to sleep in their slots reserved in the campsite surrounded by fences and everything … Yuck!

While we we were 10 young badgers ( 4 girls and 6 boys 20 to 30 years) in a real 4×4, and we slept absolutely anywhere the milieu of nowhere , it fesait room floor in old pots all dirty and everything … Too cool what!

Ptite the car on the prairie

Here you can see our p’tite car outside and in, with or without people inside. Yeah, it’s total anarchy in the box! It piles up it to 11 (3 front and 8 rear) but at least it is properly seated swing and even if it is not off the seat. When left in the sun for a moment he can be super hot and so here it is really Pete .

Only drawback: it is not very easy to look out with the seats against the window. In the first photo, the trailer is covered with dry wood for the fire, because there is no wood around the desert so when we find it necessary to take advantage and we sailed max  ! We could look smart if the evening in the middle of nowhere without a twig to light.

That’s the roads that they rolled shaken as the average speed of 100km / h, with full gravel spurting, and sometimes a big stone that jumps by typing the trailer, it’s been a hell of racket. .. But it rocks, one has the impression of being in an intergalactic ship rusty sinking in space-time, with aliens who throw us over cobblestones. And sometimes you meet one of those famous road train , which are not really larger than 35 tonnes seen here, they just have a trailer and more.

Camping wilding


In the evening simply stop in a corner too cool, genre at the foot of a hill, in a lost valley or squarely in the middle of a full as flat as deserted. We go down the wood picked up earlier to make a fire, it spreads out the sleeping bags on the floor (making gaffe not put on an anthill ) and outputs the chips …

By exploring the surroundings you can meet lots of wildlife that roam: kangaroos , camels , dingoes, donkeys and horses wild sheep (I do not know what are they doing in the desert these sheep) … not to mention a whole bunch of friendly critters  !

Or we can also climb 4 legged on the nearest hill (that’s me in the photo!) and serious tripper alone for while watching the sunset and then back down in the dark , always 4 legs because it can be really broken jaws . Finally I APPRIs not to explore without my flashlight.

2822 australia-outback-bush327

Sunset, full moon and sunrise.

And then the night sky in the desert is really amazing, it’s not bullshit what they say. There are billions of stars, we see the Milky Way as if it were an enlightened cloud, but cons I have not been fucked to find the great bear and other stuff like that … I do not know even if it is seen from the southern hemisphere, in fact, and if you see it has to be upside down.

Sleeping flat on your back

camping-in-the-outback-2 camping-in-the-outback-3 camping-in-the-outback-4

To sleep, we had swags , species sleeping bags reinforced with mattress integrated something quite kind Mc Gyver with which one can even sleep in the rain (if it was not afraid to get wet on good).

When the soil was not very welcoming, kind full of quills bushes , there was also a kind of large tarp spread on the ground, otherwise we slept on the floor like dogs, or as kangaroos, as desired. The high life, what …

camping-heading-bush-233 camping-heading-bush-078 camping-heading-bush-077

In the morning, we can not to sleep too. From the first glimmer fly bitches arrive redundant and relentlessly harass, returning in the nose, the ears, and walking all over his face … But hey, you can always get better by putting a t -shirt on the head or whatever, it’s like when you press the button “snooze” the alarm clocks to have peace for a while. Against a little later there was the sun that brings, and there it no longer laugh: you get up or you die!

To eat, the fire used to cook full of stuff: pasta, casseroles, cakes, bacon … Just put the pan on the coals to get the equivalent of a hot plate, and for oven still is placed in the lid! And if you want to heat water for tea or for dishes, here the pan into the fire is direct balance. In the morning you can still toast bread on the coals and heat water for her little tea.

camping-heading-bush-537 australia-outback-bush396

And in the morning when one hand, there are many interesting things in his business paquant: this scorpion spent the night under the sleeping bag from someone, this centipedewas in a shirt and spent half an hour in someone’s back before he did notice something (good once he noticed, we all did noticed!). There is still this cute little gecko who had taken refuge in my bag, and this huge spider who found that living in a pan, it is something to do at least once in his life.

Well here it is, this big all full paté indigestible links it was just the introduction, in the next chapters I will detail the details (noooo?) Of what has been done and seen, such as Kings Canyon , trip to the Redbank Gorge or a focus on Australian wildlife found in the desert. Too bad I will also talk about Coober Pedy ‘s underground city, not to mention Katja Tjuta , the largest monoliths as Ayers Rock!

New pictures of Australia

Yippee, I just put online a bunch of new photos from Australia  !

These are not pictures of me is those people who were with me, more precisely, Italian and Dutch.

Among the new features, it has pictures of the oasis at the bottom of Canyon King was mega-trippy since we had swam to emerge in the middle of a huge cliff. Too trip, I reparlerais more detail in a future post.

There is also a small collection of pictures of dirt roads on which rolled like nerds to 100Km / h, and a new cargo Australian critters (they are less horrible than mine, do not panic!), plus a nice photo series that shows how one survived .

But the most incredible photos, the most extraordinary and most trippy (yeah, all this at once, proof that it is not pictures of …. m ) is surely the ones that the Dutch had taken when explored the Redbank Gorge. It really was calibrated, it was swimming in troubled waters super full of dead insects at the bottom of a dark throat fesait between 1 and 3 meters wide … Finally, I would make a note detailing some the case. When I have time, as usual. Remqarquez, the more descen down in the images, the more it becomes dark and narrow;)

First in google for “Australian wildlife” Yeah!

Yippee, one of my most crazy and shameful fantasy has come true: I am first in google for “Australian wildlife ! ”

Besides, it’s not even my great page that only talks about Australian wildlife is first is a page of my super optimized gallery but really too mega optimized to arrive in first place on the day of its indexing. .. Well, now I’ll attack me “Australian fauna,” I did that at the 60th place;)

And if not, yes yes yes yes, I will continue my blog speaking of really interesting stuff, such Australia and all … I even started to make a post on my lap in the desert before yesterday but I ‘have not finished. It may happen tomorrow, who knows?