Monthly Archive: February 2005

No I’m not dead!

But my blog against him by badly is the point: he did not move for over a month … Never mind, I’ll front of your very eyes resurrect, typing on my keyboard to Using my little sausage fingers … Aaaah, it feels good to type on a good keyboard Suisse Romand comforts of home, with all the buttons and accents that work in the right place and everything!

Well, for those who are not yet aware (and interested), I came back from the end the world there’s already almost two weeks, but there’s just arrived all the work that has fallen on me after taking 3 months late! Vlaaaam! So here, that live knocks and waits necessarily the blog a bit.

I still try to post messages here and that the resume my adventures there or I left, that is, before leaving in the Australian desert in December. Arf, it’s been suuuuper quickly I have to post before I forget!

Until I motivates me, there’s always Photos from Australia, and I also have 7386 pictures of Thailand and Myanmar loose on my pc, which I do not even dare to attack me … And many ptites of anecdotes that go rotten all very well to fill the lines of this damn blog.