Tips to choose the best home fitness equipment


The busy life as current makes you find difficult to spend time on doing exercise and physical activities. Consequently, you could improve your high quality with high income but your health is at risk of diabetes, heart attack and various cancers. It is not worthy when you feel your life standard up and up, isn’t it? Thus, it is necessary to have exercise right at your home with equipment or without workout tool. The article today must give you some good items to select the home equipment suited for you.

Determine your Goals

To achieve any good results, it is necessary to define your right goal. You want to have healthier body or lose weight much by burning calories or both of them? Always make sure of your goals will be helpful for you to have ideal suggestion of equipment, manner and process to accomplish.

Determine yourself and your needs

  • Which activities you love doing the most? You’d like to have riding on stationary bike and spin bike. It is not complicated to select the best spin bike for your exercise. This physical activity is low-impact and changing intension with all-rounded exercise. Or you want to have a walk right at your home. Treadmill will give you a similar experience whenever you want on day or night time and in any weather conditions. The more enjoyable you feel from doing activity, more motivated you get to achieve the last goal.
  • Arrange time budget is also essential. However, indoor exercise is available for anytime you want to train. One of the beneficial that home equipment brings to you is convenience. However, based on the kind of home equipment you choose, there is some standard time to do exercise for an effective result. You should hold instruction from manufacturers to make decision.

Fist experience before getting fitness equipment

  • fitness-homeBefore making purchase of which workout factors, you should have first test of it. An instruction in details sound great but nothing taking action in reality or hands-on test drive will not give you the exact function of what you need. Also, while testing the machine, you are able to wear appropriate clothing and clothes as you are at home. The test will help you evaluate how well the fitness machine is constructed, whether it is suitable for mental and strong condition of your body…
  • Consider which function and features for your body’s needs. Some main features should be equipped with your fitness machine including timers, heart rate monitors, and calories-burned displays. It is because these parts motivate you and allow you to control your exercise. Other considerations involve a reading pain, adjustable variability like tension, resistance and seat height and attach bottle holders and more.

Fulfill awareness of the fitness machine

  • To buy anything, you need to ask all surrounding information of it from warranties, return polices, satisfaction guarantees and cost of repairs. The refund is often applied around 30 days from the day of purchase. The installation and delivery are usually not charged. To repair or install the machine, there are some technical requirements so it is certain that the buyer will ask their technical team to support you
  • Gain a fulfill awareness of how to use the fitness equipment in the right way through its instruction. During the time of using the equipment, it is difficult to avoid troubles thus have full awareness of its usage, you can control any troubles.
  • Have learned from the experienced who have known the equipment. As there goes a saying “sharing reality is the fastest way to learn” you must have profound knowledge how to utilize fitness equipment.

Some suggestion of fitness equipment for you


1. Strengthen training fitness equipment

We suggest you free weights like “barbells” or “dumbbells” that are used commonly. The reason is they are very easy to use and does not cost much to get it. Moreover, you can train them at your convenience and anytime you want. In addition, the higher level could be multi-station machines that are so-called as home gyms. They use resistance coming from both rubber resistance and cables attached to flexible poles and various weights.

2. Aerobic Fitness Equipment

This is sometimes seen as cardio sectors. There are some popular ones including stationary bike, spin bike, treadmill Nordic ski machines and stair stepper or elliptical trainers. Stationary bike and spin bike have you train in all-rounded exercise from legs through pedaling motion of a bicycle to sitting up and down.

With treadmills, you can run or walk in various speeds. You could increase the training level as you want. Some models of it simulate inclines of different degrees and non-responding timers.

Nordic ski equipment is the simulation of cross-country skiing and exercise of legs and arms, having complete exercise. Indifferently, stair steppers have you experience in climbing up a flight of stairs. And Elliptical trainers are combination of ski machine and stair stepper. It puts your legs and foot through a circular with up and down motivation.

In this field of cardio sectors, there are many selections for you. How to use this machine is not complicated but it requires foundation knowledge. Doing physical exercise with cardio equipment allows you to avoid many diseases of blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, obesity. Plus, the low-impact with adjustable intension of the equipment is suitable for both women and men to train.

3. Miscellaneous Fitness equipment

It is totally possible to combine exercise and stability balls for balance and flexibility training. While almost of time budget is used for indoor exercise, you can have outdoor physical activity. The most common activity is riding a bike or having a walk.

According to health experts, you have the moderate exercise as your ability to avoid any troubles rising from training. You could choose the best equipment for your workout at home but it is also important to understand how to use it in the right way. So, at first take some time to discover what you need and what you enjoy from exercise.

Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360


Graco 16y385 truecoat 360

The Graco TrueCoat 360 handheld airless sprayer is superior and it is easy, it is one of all best paint sprayer of Graco Company Because of the disposable FlexLiner paint bag system, the TrueCoat 360 in a path, actually upside down. No some other sprayer is simple to use — simply fill up, squeeze, as well as spray so when you are executed, just dispose or reuse the FlexLiner bag.

Features of TrueCoat 360:


  • Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 double speed electrical airless sprayer therefore superior, it can easy:
  • Just fill up, squeeze, as well as spray can make it prepared to spray inside just a few seconds:
  • Dual speed control change provides precise control as well as decreased overspray:
  • Delivers the smoothest complete along with no thinning needed:
  • Spray in a path, the full 360⁰, without having losing prime:
  • Spray a broad variety of coatings through stains in order to heavy latex as well as acrylics:
  • Fastest as well as simplest startup as well as clean-up:
  • Includes 4-in as well as 12-in Reverse-a-Clean spray as well as 4 FlexLiner bags:


Innovative FlexLiner Paint Bag Program:

  • Quickest as well as simplest startup as well as clean-up:
  • Spray in a direction-full 360° movement:
  • No suction tube in order to adjust or even clean:
  • FlexLiner Paint Bag-toss or even reuse, it is your option.

Three Simple Startup Actions:

  • Fill up FlexLiner bag along with paint or even spot:
  • Squeeze out any kind of leftover air:
  • Spray!

Three Simple Cleanup Actions:

  • Fill up FlexLiner bag along with water or mineral spirits:
  • Shake the unit:
  • Spray right into a bucket:

VacuValve Technology:

  • Just squeeze away all of the air to produce a vacuum cleaner:
  • No tools required-just switch the cap and squeeze!

Dual Speed Control:

  • Low speed for first time customers as well as improved control with regard to small detailed work-high speed to obtain the job carried out quick!

Durable Case:

  • Long lasting design protects sprayer:
  • Maintains tips and accessories organized:

Long lasting, Tungsten Carbide Piston Pump:

  • Quickest applicator to move thin as well as thick material within one coating:
  • Provides the smoothest complete along with no thinning needed:
  • Graco may be the preferred option utilized by the Pros:


  • There is certainly spitting through the spray gun:
  • Paint leaks in to the wet cup:
  • The motor, however the paint pump motor will not:
  • The motor as well as displacement pump operates, however paint pressure is simply too lower, or even none:
  • The displacement pump operates, however the output is simply too lower upon the down stroke or even each swings:
  • The displacement operates, however the output is simply too lower within the upstroke:
  • The displacement pump operates however the pressure is simply too lower:
  • The displacement pump operates however the unit will not prime:
  • Unit does not operate:
  • Device will not begin.
  • Device will never prime.
  • Device will never develop or even maintain pressure.

Customer review:

It was the period in order to paint my house once again and the estimates I received had been within the $4-5, 000.00 range. I made the decision which I might once more, get it done personally, however which I would definitely invest in an airless sprayer. Right after looking at all of the sprayers within the market, as well as reading countless reviews, I selected the actual Graco X7 Professional. My choice had been ideal! The sprayer works perfectly as well as I colored the first coat in the 4, 000, + square foot house (many garages) less than 10 hours. Although it requires a second coating (that is this job), the first coat appears excellent as well as continued easier compared to the compressed air spray system or perhaps a brush. I discovered which I really required to reduced the pressure through the manual’s directions to obtain the best application, therefore begin al little lower chances are they recommend, however in addition to that, I implemented the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Cleanup is really a bit of work, however, not bad. I can easily see this particular sprayer obtaining a lot of work within the future. No much more brushes as well as rollers with regard to me!

Bottom line:

Lastly, the high-end sprayer which is simple to use as well as clean. I need to the greatest feature may be the spray volume level realignment with this sprayer. The actual sprayer is simple in order to get going. Fill up the cup along with paint, prime, as well as proceed. The sprayer used the paint equally as well as effortlessly. Clean up was obviously a breeze as well as with no lot of disassembly as well as mess. I possess sprayed paint with regard to several years. Clean-up had been usually the hassle as well as you needed to maintain a good eye on all of the little parts. The sprayer features a small plunger as well as spring connected which comes out. Simple to follow instructions assisted utilizing the sprayer for your very first time. As soon as you get going, you tend to be home free.

Protect and Preserve Food With a Vacuum Sealer

The term Vacuum sealing indicates to the process of removing air from any package or container. This particular kind of sealing is being used for a while, but still it is quite unknown and unfamiliar to most of the people and surely there are some things that you might have no idea about. To begin with, let us enlighten you to the fact that no vacuum cleaners are engaged in this process. Instead, suction is majorly used in this particular procedure. Vacuum sealers are generally utilized in order to preserve and save food. There are a number of things that should be known to you about vacuum sealers if you are willing to make a purchase. We should start by differentiating the various types of sealers which are available.

Vacuum sealers are ultimately suitable for the casing a diverse range of foods. Everyone has seen food in different groceries and stores in various vacuum containers and packages almost all the time, but only a few of us realized it on the first look. Different kinds of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and their products are simply some of the things you may get which are packaged by vacuum sealers.

Natural air is essentially and effectively substituted or replaced by the dint of Vacuum sealers. In the particular case of meat, almost 99.99 percentage of the total air is expelled. This makes it an almost impossible challenge for any bacteria to grow, survive or cultivate. But in the case with potato chips, the natural air having a good proportion of life sustaining oxygen is excluded and the same space is filled with inert gas, for example Nitrogen. The exception is done in this case of potato chips because they are too fragile. If 99.9 percentage of the total air were removed from it that will definitely damage the product ruining the trade.

Mainly, there are two kinds of vacuum based sealers which are utilized for the packaging and management of food. They can be classified as: external vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers. Both of these kinds of vacuum sealers are utilized to expel the air, but they have their differentiating aim and purpose. They are used for a wide diversity of various kinds of products. However, before you make purchase of a vacuum sealer, you should be sure that you are not making any mistake and get the proper thing.

External vacuum sealers are very much alike in the features with the commercial models that we usually come across for daily usage. However, not all external vacuum sealers are used for domestic usage only. They have a wide range of utilization which extends to being designed for heavy industrial packaging usage.

>> Click here to read our expert reviews about vacuum sealer

While using an external vacuum sealer, you should keep the product in a clean bag and then position the open end of it into the sealer. If this is done, the sealer will expel all the air and gradually seal the open end. This prevents further air from re-entering into the sealed bag. But it should be kept in mind that external vacuum sealers should not be used together with delicate natured products like potato chips because they are not capable to substitute the present air with inert gas like Nitrogen.

Chamber vacuum sealers are known as the most widely used sealing packaging utilized for industrial package and management. Chamber vacuum sealers have similarities with the external vacuum models, but their packaging processes are very much different.

While using a chamber vacuum sealer, the packaging product is kept initially in a bag. Afterwards, the entire bag is positioned in a chamber for packaging procedure. If the system is ready, the hood of the chamber is forcefully pulled down. The system expels 99.9 percentage of the total air within the entire chamber and then it seals off the unlocked end of the bag. The atmospheric pressure inside the chamber is gradually taken back to the normal level. The previously sealed bag is made vacuum packaged in this process and it becomes ready to be used commercially. If it is needed, component of this process can engage in expelling the air and replace it with inert gas. The mass of the total air which is exhausted from the chamber can be set or adjusted as it is needed for production.

Make Use of Vacuum Sealing to save lots of Money on Meals

Choose the best vacuum sealer, evaluate features and costs to ensure you can use the merchandise for a long period and may maximize the benefits.
Food is perishable, simple and plain. Twinkies have an expiration date even. With cash so limited in the current economy, preserving the food in order that it lasts a lot more time can help you save as well as your family serious cash. Probably the most expensive foods are the one which would go to waste. But using that happening can be prevented by vacuum pressure sealing machine.vasmaster vacuum sealer roll

The main enemy for some food items is oxygen plus the result it is wearing the molecules which will make up everything you consume. Preventing air flow through engaging in a reaction along with food may be the main means of avoiding spoilage. Storing food this way is simple with the use of vacuum pressure sealing machine. Using this device could make your dollar proceed additional at the supermarket.

Preparations before using vacuum sealing:
Make a strategy of which kind of meals you will seal as well as for just how long. It shall help you choose the right bags for the purpose.

Obtain area in your refrigerator in the event the food will not easily fit into your refrigerator or you want to utilize it much later.

Prioritize your fridge, plus keep carefully the food that will require sealing firs at the front end, easily visible.

Step-by-step instructions to seal the foods: VacMaster PRO350 review

Put your best vacuum sealer on a set and level surface area to avoid any some spillage of one’s food once you place the handbag within the machine.

Take among the food storage hand bags ideal for your style of vacuum sealing device and place your meal within.

Make certain the particular bag is clear of any some spillage or even residues. Keep some room near the top of the handbag therefore there is enough room for that bag to near easily.

Open up the particular lid of the vacuum sealer. Press the correct button to do this. It is possible to identify it simply by looking into the vacuum cleaner sealer’s manual.

Put the open part from the bag in to the vacuum sealer. Close the particular machine’s lid round the bag, and push down on both finishes. The vacuum sealing begins working after the lid is closed automatically, so be ready.

Open the lid and take away the now sealed food handbag from the vacuum sealer. You have successfully completed the duty of sealing and preserving the meals using a vacuum sealer.

Using a vacuum sealer can help you save money if you work with it properly. Make sure you are usually removing just as much air flow as you possibly can before you close off the meals.FoodSaver vacuum sealer roll

You need to be structured and seal the meals in time. There is no true stage sealing it after it went off, therefore keep an email associated with the meals you would like to close off or prioritize your own fridge.

Using a vacuum sealer isn’t without having dangers. Always check the manufacturer’s guide plus warnings! Never leave vacuum pressure sealer unattended as the power is on.

A Rewarding Experience

Gifting is a sweet gesture that has been appreciated as a token of affection and gratitude from many centuries. We feel special when we are showered with gift and affection. Now there are thousands of options and choices to enthral our loved ones with various gifts on many occasions.

Someone who is extremely spiritual and practices meditation may prefer the best essential oil diffuser that is available in the market. Hence it is extremely important to keep their necessities in mind while buying gifts. The definition of gifting has changed drastically over the years.

In this era of connectivity many are detail oriented and prefer researching before buying a gift for their dear ones. People would keep the likes, dislikes, special preferences in mind and hunt for ideal gifts.

Making people happy is however not limited to friends and family but is often extended to the work environment too. Employers, employees and staff often receive appreciation in the form of gift vouchers and coupons.

It would be very interesting to note that there are certain methods and etiquettes involved in corporate gifting practices across various cultures. There are certain ethics involved that must be followed by every responsible employee/ employer or a customer.


  • Gifts are not accepted if there is no valid reason to do so.
  • Gifts are exchanged during celebrations, as a token of appreciation after a successful completion of a task or a project, as a sweet gesture for future favours.
  • Corporate gifts are expected to be reciprocated as a rule. Else it would be considered rude.
  • Lavish gifts are perceived to be generous and are much appreciated.
  • As Chinese emphasize on harmony and balance they prefer gifting in pairs!.


  • Gifts are not appreciated if they are wrapped in black coloured paper, because it is inauspicious to use black shade.
  • Unwrapping the gift in the presence of the gift giver is considered to be impolite.
  • Any gifts which would potentially hurt the religious sentiments are disliked. For instance gifting a leather item to a religious Hindu could be perceived bad.
  • Gifts are expected from the host/hostess and it could be as small and simple as a box of chocolates or some flowers and fruits.


  • More than gift the ‘gift giving’ act is much liked in Japan.
  • One can find that the ‘expensive gifts’ are very common.
  • Gifts are presented at the end of the visit of business meetings.
  • To present or to receive both the hands must be extended.
  • Gifts presented in 4 or 9 numbers are considered bad omen while just like china gifts in pairs are preferred.

Apart from some of this eastern countries there are other parts of the world where ‘gifting’ is perceived bit differently.

Saudi Arabia

  • Only close and dear friends are to be gifted.
  • The quality of gifts is of prime importance.
  • Men would not accept silk or gold as presents.
  • The most popular gift in Saudi is any good quality ‘perfume’.
  • Unlike in India, it is not considered to be impolite to open presents in front of the gift giver.


  • In corporate setting office supplies of good quality like pens with the gift giver’s logo or signature is perceived to be elegant.
  • Small gifts of superior quality are preferred.
  • Flowers must be unwrapped and in uneven numbers. Though flowers in 13 numbers are not perceived good.
  • Red roses as gifts denote romantic intentions.
  • Lilies or chrysanthemums are used only at funerals hence does not make ideal gifts.

United Kingdom

  • Gifts do not form a regular part of UK culture but once received, reciprocation is important.
  • Presents are unwrapped in front of the gift giver to offer gratitude.
  • On any invitation to a dinner or a meeting a bottle of wine with some chocolates and flowers are considered polite.
  • Just as in Germany red roses are given to express romantic interests and lilies express mourning.
  • It is extremely important to consider the taste and likes of the recipient before gifting.

Gifting becomes even more important when one considers some of the key factors like

  1. The recipient is a person or a group of people.
  2. The status of the recipient.
  3. Are gifts reciprocated?

If one carefully chooses the gifts and presents the ‘gift giving’ could be a fulfilling and a rewarding experience.

The Actron Cp9135 Auto Code Reader Review

Our vehicle’s ‘check engine’ light went on and off severally on different occasions. What is going on? I quipped. This might have happened to you notwithstanding the design and the brand of your vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re driving a Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, or a Toyota. Do not panic – Actron CP9135 Auto Scanners are there to your rescue! This is one of the Best OBD2 Scanner on the market.



When red light flickers on, it’s simply means that your vehicle is making an attempt to inform you that one thing isn’t quite right. Like R2D2 in the Star Wars, the Actron CP9135 Auto Scanner which is OBD II compliant will plug into your On-Board diagnosing II (OBD II) compliant vehicle to access the data codes in your vehicle’s PC. It is often used on all OBD II compliant vehicles created in North America, Europe, and Asia from 1996 to date.

The Actron CP9135 Auto Scanner has uniquely built features including an oversized, easy-to-read LCD screen that displays the definition of the trouble codes. For OBD II compliant vehicles of 1996 and later, the Actron CP9135 Auto Scanner provides the fault code definitions, then erases the fault codes and turns the Check Engine light off. Though you’ll still have to be compelled to fix the matter, the scanner turns off the “Check Engine” red light on your vehicle’s dash board thus you may not be distracted as you resume your driving.

The Actron CP9135 Auto Scanner is easy to use even for a non-professional. The hooked up cable with OBD II 16-pin connection provides the relevant hooks for each section including power and the several areas of the engine. This is in addition to the eight-foot cable and the rugged housing unit which is oil and grease-resistant for additional sturdiness.

The long twinned cable that connects to the PC facilitates simple use in complex areas. Once connected, simply press the “READ” key and therefore the very user friendly menu displays a spread of data in a snap. Use the Monitor standing and the illumination Maintenance (I/M) Readiness readings to establish your vehicle’s ability of passing an emissions scrutiny.

Getting I/M Readiness may be a better way to use before having your vehicle tested for compliance to the standards of a state emissions program. One vital factor to require note of is that every one emission testing facility won’t pass a vehicle that has a lit “Check Engine” light at the time of the scrutiny.

This is notwithstanding the fact that the light is just lit to inform you of an over-due car repair or a sixty thousand -mile tune-up. Using the Actron CP9135 Auto Scanner, you’ll be able to close up the check engine light and clear the emissions. Take a look at it and realize how this will make you drive with no problems.

The scanner generally reminds you of any unfinished data codes or DTCs and reads the standing of the Malfunction. By reading the Malfunction indicator lamp standing, the scanner offers some insight into what would possibly cause your Check Engine light to show on within the shorter span. During this, the Actron CP9135 scanner is additionally ready to give some preventive measures to assist a non-professional user to observe a vehicle’s on board systems.


Full infomation of Actron 9135

Most of the helpful functions of the Actron CP9135 Auto Scanner, alongside the easy to use functionality of “READ” and “ERASE” keys that needs to browse and erase DTCs, makes the Auto Scanner an ideal tool for distinction and resolution of your vehicle issues.

It helps relieve you from needless headaches and l significantly, reduces costs rather than paying piles of cash to the automotive mechanics. It also, assists you to find and repair easy, uncomplicated problems on your vehicle yourself, saving you cash.

Paint sprayer – A great tool for your painting job

We all love to see our home colorful. But there’s an amazing joy painting it by your own hand. It is a housing tool like a paint spray can give you both, comfort finishing the job by your own hand and save your money. You should always keep you busy with the home improvement works if you want to see your house dazzling like a new one. So in that case, paint sprayer machine is much important for you.
paint sprayer reviews

What is a paint sprayer?

A paint sprayer is a machine that works by compressed air making a coating onto a surface. A paint sprayer is used for painting comfortably. But anyone without having a simple common sense can?t have this tool and paint. It is used for art painting all over the world. But if you want to paint your house, you will find a suitable too. By using a paint sprayer you can make your house colored. You can feel a great joy in you. A paint sprayer gun is much necessary constructing any building now a day.

Can you use it?

These essential tools like a paint sprayer are not that easy to use. Before you can use it, you must have some knowledge and information about it. Meet some people who are experienced using this tool. You can get enough information by reading paint sprayer reviews. These reviews will get you the best help with the painting ideas using a paint spray gun. Using other tools you may feel trouble a lot. So it is highly recommended.

Want to know more?

A paint sprayer is a paint spray gun. There are some kinds of paint sprayer invented. These are the HVLP (High volume low pressure), the LVLP (low volume high pressure), the Airless paint prayer etc. Paint sprayers works smoothly and paint on a surface without any hard trouble. If you really want to get the best from it, you must choose one kind suitable for your work. Painting with the paint sprayer, knowing well about the surface, what paint coating you need is very important thing. So you must ask the experts if you know a very little about painting with paint sprayers.

Is it helpful?

If you use a brush or a simple roller for painting you whole house, you need a lot of time. You must work hard for it. But with the help of a paint sprayer you can easily paint your entire house and rooms nicely. The most likely benefit using a paint sprayer gun is that it doesn?t require much time. You can also use it to paint your personal things, your furniture or anything else you want to paint nicely. People are using the paint sprayer guns now and then and being its beneficiaries too. So why can?t you?

How to use?

Using a paint sprayer is not simple. You should choose the place or thing you want to paint first. Then choose the best paint spray gun and paint for your particular or personal work. You need to choose the best paint coating for that surface. To start with a paint sprayer, you need a proper plan. Make a plan including from where you’ll start and continue etc. choose a pattern. Make the color spread through the whole surface. You can know more by reading paint sprayer reviews from
Best paint sprayer gun
A paint sprayer is a symbol of housing tools. Use it wisely and keep you safe too. Because it is not impossible that the color you are using is not infected or toxic. Be safe and use it responsibly. Don?t forget to wear mandatory clothing while using a paint spray gun. It will protect you from toxicity. Gather main information about painting. If you are capable using these kinds of housing tools you may feel the paint spray gun like a toy for you. Once you are known how to use it, make the best use of it. You can Paint your walls, your cars, furniture and anything else. There are good demands of paint spray arts nowadays. So this can be really great and helpful in so many ways like this and so on.

Blue Point Pressure Cooker By Fissler USA

The Fissler Blue Point 10 ? Quart Pressure Cooker is a pressure cooker designed for the home cook using a combination of today?s technology and reliable craftsmanship. This pressure cooker is made in Germany, and is constructed out of 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum core.

The combination of stainless steel and aluminum means it heats effectively and evenly, is durable, cleans easily and looks good. This pressure cooker is easy to clean, and is dishwasher safe. It has a ?Super Thermic? base that distributes heat evenly. Its handles are stay cool, ergonomically designed and easy to grip.

There is a blue slide button so you can choose to cook in one of two cooking methods. It can be used as a pressure cooker, or it can cook food like a regular pot. The Fissler Blue Point has a measuring scale on the inside which is very useful when making soups. The Fissler 10-1/2 pressure cooker is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.Fissler Blue Point 10-12-Quart Pressure Cooker

Fissler Blue Point is completely quiet cooking. There is no rocking or hissing. It is a completely sealed cooking system and that means there is no noise, odors, steam or excess heat. It has a locking system for safety and an automatic steam release. It is also safe to use on induction stoves. The 10 ? quart capacity is the perfect size for canning fruits and vegetables as well as cooking family meals.

Reviews Summary

The Fissler Blue Point pressure cooker has received excellent ratings form the relatively small amount of user?s reviews found online. These users are very satisfied with both its style and function, saying it is built to withstand the test of time. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, even if you don?t put it in the dishwasher.

The users like that it is quiet cooking. There is no jiggling and no hissing. This is very different from what you would expect from a typical pressure cooker. The completely sealed cooking system is also appreciated. One reviewer pointed out the benefits to her personally. It means that it is quiet, and also that it does not release excess heat which can in turn heat up the kitchen. It also cooks food quickly. The combination of fast cooking time, and not releasing excess heat, is real bonus since she lives in a hot climate.

Reviewers are very happy with the quality of foods cooked in the Fissler Blue Point. They like that the cooking time is greatly reduced, and that the food looks good especially noting vegetables bright colors. This is an advantage of the cooking in a sealed system, as well as the short cooking time. It does not matter whether it is soups, stew or vegetables; it tastes good and looks good. Users also like the 10 ? quart capacity saying it is the right size for cooking meals and for canning fruits and vegetables.

Preparing meals with a pressure cooker is a delicious, and healthy, cooking method. The sealed system locks in nutrients as well as flavor. This cooking process requires less fats and oils since it is a moist heat cooking method. In addition, using a pressure cooker is an economical. It cooks food as much as 70% faster than traditional cooking methods. This means a significant savings in energy cost. Also, you can turn an inexpensive cut of meat into a juicy and tasty meal easily, since the moisture is locked in while cooking.


With the Fissler Blue Point pressure cooker is quiet, durable, attractive, effective and efficient. It is well liked by users so it is easy to recommend this pressure cooker.

If you want to learn more about the different models of pressure cookers, visit for details. We have selected for you the best pressure cooker that has all useful features for your perfect meal!

Biwook in Romania

More than 4 months after the fact, this is the beginning mega reportage Romania I promised to some. What you see here is just the beginning, I have already spent a lot of hours, and it will be complete within a few days. Finally, I already took a week to lay this part, so I know how long it will take me to finish everything. Patience … Patience

Finally, in fact, about Romania, there are only Bucharest (the capital), I have not left the city when I was there in early May 2005.

Contents of this report for the less edifying, terrible pictures representing the foulest of Europe buildings, but also completely rotten cars, some totally wild dogs, not to mention a foray into the daily life of some Romanian means. We will see together how the situation is evolving, in the current environment of course.

Rotten Buildings

Go hop! We start out with a bang with the first thing that shocks when we get to Bucharest: Thousands of any big gray buildings, all ugly and everything rotten.

bucuresti-from-street-06 bucuresti-from-street-07 bucuresti-from-street-08 bucuresti-rotten-building-02

Yes, it is ugly … It is even very ugly … These are the buildings built by the Communists, since the 60s until 1989. About two-thirds of the city were destroyed at that time to be replaced by these concrete blocks.

bucuresti-rotten-building-09 bucuresti-rotten-building-15

Ultimately, it was the whole city, and throughout Romania, which had to be covered in these blocks. Each village would be destroyed, and a building like that built in place, all that to reach the great communist ideal of death! One in which the notion of private property no longer exists, and whose only role of the citizen is to serve the government (basically eh, I’m not a pro of the subject either).


These buildings, although the air all rotten, it seems are actually very strong, thanks to their sturdy structure in reinforced concrete maousse as we did more today. But I think at half … Most of the buildings that I saw were cracked everywhere, sometimes coating the exterior wall collapses, while these buildings are often younger than me (brrr, it dates me!). In short, besides being ugly ugly home is junk first class.


Another funny thing about these buildings is that often people close their balcony for one more room. Only it is anarchy, and they all do in their own way as they can with what they find.Result, every floor is different, and the buildings are really third world, it looks like DIY, and it seems sometimes it lacks a wall. I even saw balconies closed with car windscreens glued together. That is, as the Romanian ones are smart!


To make matters worse, these buildings do not belong to anybody, and therefore are not really maintained. Specifically, these buildings (like everyone) were in government at the time of the Communists. After the revolution in 1989, the apartment are logically income people who lived there. So each person owns are small flat in these buildings (such immense EPP), but the building itself is abandoned, there is no authority or anything that looks after and nothing is is maintained. Painting quail, the elevators are in an apocalyptic state when they walk, it’s dirty and it stinks … Yuck! About lifts my brother the chance to live in the same building as one of the responsible elevator of the city, so the elevator is still in working order (but not cleaner than others by cons ), while in other buildings, elevators operate fairly randomly.


Mailboxes, in true communist tradition … Too good, right?


Here are photos taken in one of the most atrocious places in the city: the gypsy ghetto. It’s ugly, everything is concrete, buildings have little windows, in short they look like prisons. This is an area in which the Roma (“Roma” is the most used name for Gypsies, in all languages), so hated by the Communists, were “settled” force, penned in buildings of a rather filthy kind.And I do not know why, but the soil is of the earth, almost no plant grows, it’s really ugly and dirty as a place. Yet people seem to continue to live as Roma: although settled, there area lot of people on the street doing nothing (see photos), and often are amazed to see someone taking pictures. The big attraction of the day somehow.

Roma are still hated today and victims of a rather elementary racism, gender beating by cops free, prohibition on access to full place, unable to find a job, and lots of other fun stuff not at all.So they can not really integrate into society and do not make much effort to integrate, as they have their own ancient traditions and cultures of which they are proud. So they are quite on the margins of society, very poor (but it suits them) and various odds and live, or sometimes stolen. Unfortunately they are a little small for that, since their traditional nomadic way of life, going from village to village to offer their services (like repairing saucepans or sell some horses) really has its place today. This is one of the reasons why racism against Roma Romanian is so strong, sometimes shocking, and also so hypocritical: one of national pride is music … Gypsy! Even the most super modern all rotten pipes that pass radio have some notes gypsy chorus, and the issuance of super stupid variety on tv often depict a kind of comedian disguised as Roma, with a small violin.

Blah blah blah … I’m not going to make a presentation on the gypsies here, but it’s still a pretty exciting topic, the gypsy was originally a nomadic people probably coming from India. If you want to know more, here’s an overview on “travelers” (very interesting) and a few paragraphs about the language of the gypsies , and for the furious, this site contains some all one wonders about gypsies. I’m a little off topic here, back to our photos.

hunger-circus-02 hunger-circus-03

Here is a relic of the communist time. No one actually saw a big cake that is like that in all neighborhoods of the city. These terrible things, which seem fairly straight out of an apocalyptic science fiction film, have an interesting history.

In the late 80s, when the tension was getting really tense between the population and the communists, especially because of Ceausescu (pronounced “Chao-chescou”), the local dictator who built a huge palace very expensive (see pictures below) while the population did not even have enough to eat. Then, in a burst of immense goodness (especially to prevent the people rebelled), he undertook the construction of “hunger circuses”, “circurile foamei” in Romanian, a community where people come to eat at specific times rather than wasting time to cook at home.

Bad luck for him, that was not enough, he got zigouiller with his government during the revolution of 1989, before finishing his stuff. All sites have been stopped, and these huge structures remain abandoned for over 15 years.

These circuses hunger were supposed to operate like a cafeteria and a super market, replacing both the kitchens in the apartments, and small corner stores. In other words, even a communist project to con.

hunger-circus-05 hunger-circus-06

Here are some pictures I took in venturing inside one of these structures. It was pretty funny, until in arriving in the big hall under the dome, I perceive that I was not alone and that there were several squatters around me looking at me kind “You’re on my territory,” and that I was only there in the middle with a digital camera … Glurp! So I just stood in that thing aillant air as calm and reassuring as possible. Too bad, I liked airais explore the basement of this kind of science fiction stuff.

hunger-circus-12 bucuresti-trash-01

In the first photo, it looks like one of those things, but finished. And the other two, it is a shopping center that is built on the site of one of these sites. The peculiarity is that the structure was not destroyed, on the contrary it is very strong and has been used as the basis for this mall. It would cost too much these days to build something like this, because the Communists are crazy. Another shopping center, Bucuresti Mall has been built on the remains of one of these buildings, result: a super mall in the US full of luxury boutiques, with rolling stairs in all directions, marble floor and even a fountain in the middle spurting water until the top of the dome, 4 floors above. It is funny to see a utopian communism icon transformed into a temple of capitalism and consumption, especially in the middle of such a city …

The Romanian specialists are not to finish construction sites, and there is not full of finished and abandoned buildings throughout the city.


Here the most famous buildings not finished in Romania: Ceausescu’s palace, or casa poporului . He may be seen around the air like that, but it was expected to be even bigger, with towers and full of crazy stuff. Anyway, it’s really huge. Romanians say it is the largest building in the world after the Pentagon. I do not know if that’s true, but short … it is huge what.

Ah well, some statistics that I have found on the net:

  • The palace measuring 270m wide by 240m long.
  • and rises to 86m high , over a depth of 92m below ground (wow).
  • The palace occupies an area of 45,000 m2 floor, and contains 400,000 m2.
  • The area was destroyed to build the palace and its surroundings is approximately a fifth of the city, 520 hectares .
  • The project mobilized up to 20,000 workers , day and night.
  • The construction began in 1984, and the palace was still not finished during the revolution in 1989.
  • During these years, approximately 40% of GDP country were engulfed by the site.
  • The palace has created such a demand for marble in the country that the tombstones have caused to be built with other materials.

The picture of the environment is so … Communist Romania a large empty space, a palace, and only sign of life, 3 cars parked all rotten in the middle!

Most impressive is the palace. Forbidden to take pictures (or, more precisely, it is necessary to buy a “permission” to 15 balls, anything). Everything is covered in super rare marble, bas-reliefs to the ceiling, chandelier that are 15 meters of embroidered carpets that are 500 square meters, and other stuff quite unacceptable when we know that the palace was built then that the people would starve.

The palace is located in a huge park surrounded by a wall, and extended by an immense avenue which was to rival the Champs Elysées being 2 meters wide (third photo), lined with luxury buildings. The avenue was supposed measured 500m originally, but finally did 3900. This avenue is more like a highway now, except cars and empty fountains, it’s pretty dead.

All this vast complex was built in the middle of the city, so they coldly destroyed entire neighborhoods bulldozed, real freaks. Sometimes people living in these neighborhoods were warned 24 hours before their house was razed and relocated rotten buildings, without water or electricity, and sometimes not even finished. Obviously, all the people who lived there at that time were not very happy, but hey, at least they had the right to remain silent. Supaire.

The National Library … Another huge palace, which it clearly is not finished and is abandoned in the middle of the city. Yet it seems that he would not take much to finish. It’s funny to see that a magnificent palace like this, under the marble slabs, is actually only a common brick building! And notice the plaque with the year of construction: 1989!

I would be unable to explain what happened in this building there. The one on the third picture is simple renovation.

The first photo is a slum hut here, in the middle of the city, between tall buildings, just before the entrance to the one where my brother lives. There’s even chickens who live there! Very good! It is impossible to have such a hideout in the middle of Geneva!

The other two photos, it’s just windows on buildings in poor condition.

Sometimes we find in the middle of mountains of junk sidewalk … Gruppe!

Well, so far I have shown that the worst aspects of the city … A super ugly city, monotonous, dirty, without urban planning … But there still has some places that remind the Communists, it’s over, and that Romania is a candidate to return to Europe (it’s been years that she is a candidate, but its entry is always postponed because decidedly it is too anarchy!).

Go hop, take a look at the first picture … it does not contrast well with the rest, right? And yes, there are some modern buildings in the city, in which are located large multinationals are eyeing on the Romanian market. Well, I have not seen more than 6 or 7 post-communist buildings throughout the city, but it’s something. It is even more surprising to see a whole glass clad building in the middle of a leper city.

There is also the old town which is pretty nice. It’s quiet, no huge avenues full of traffic, and buildings have reasonable sizes. Too bad I did not take more pictures.

Before the Second World War, Romania was a prosperous country, and Bucharest was a beautiful city, considered the “Paris of the East”, and this is what it feels like when we walk in some streets of the old city. But the Communists flatly farted all, there is only a small part of the city as it was. Everything else is the crumbling mud. It’s a funny feeling when you walk in the streets of the old city, and we think they managed to destroy a city like this to build these buildings crap.

Here is another place really connected to the city: the Unirea Shopping Center, covered with billboards. It is almost in time square! Inside, there are lots of shops and stores, some quite large, but I did not find anything very interesting … The clothes genre 80s fashion, electronics at no great rates dusty toys, souvenirs filthy kind porcelain plate with printed above palace … all in a setting not exactly enticing, warped linoleum floor, and under informed. The Bucuresti Mall (one that is built on the remains of circus hunger) is much prettier.

A few views of Unirea. It always surprises arriving in a corner too “capitalist” in the evening, with all its neon lights and all, compared to the rest of the city that is monotonous.

Some night views. Cool …

Here is the only modern building that predates the communists: the Intercontinental Hotel. It was used to welcome foreign visitors and their eyeful, to show them as Communism is good.Incidentally, it was also used to keep and monitor all foreigners in the same place so they do not go walking alone in the city.

3 Bucharest Streets. The first is the tram tracks. It’s hard to see from the pictures, but these rails are completely twisted, I do not know why. And everywhere, not just here. And it feels really when you’re on the tram (cross country atmosphere).

The second is a typical street of the city, in pavé. Many of the major arteries of the city are still paved, I do not know why. But the Romanians do not slow so far, highway is a main road and paved or not we drive it soon! Result, comfortably seated in a wheeled bin, it was a bit like having a butt massage, and the engine will unbolt and fall on the road. Note that above 80 km / h, vibrations fade and was more like flying over the cobblestones.

And sometimes there are tram rails parallel to the paved avenues, which they are not paved but covered with concrete slabs. And despite all the signs “prohibits cars,” many motorists prefer driving on the tracks of the tram because it is flatter. What is funny is that there are also those who continue to follow the same track when leaving the road to go into kind of “streets tram” with grass on the sides and everything. It’s total anarchy what.

And the last photo is a side street … Here, no question of rolling at full speed, because there are huge holes in the street, and it’s hard to overcome the 15Km / h without break the spine. It is also in this kind of street which is sometimes attacked by starving rabid wild packs of dogs which attack the car and throw themselves under the wheels to force us to stop. They are terrible these dogs is that dogs really!

So, I have no explanation. It is a small square in the middle of town with a little grass … Yes, but here, the grass burns! By full of smoke in the street! Nobody seems to be worried, and there even several people who are sitting quiet in the middle of the smoke, some are in the process of picnic … WTF?!

Voila, you just read the 37,000 characters that I tapped my little sausage fingers, and I think we kindly made ​​the Bucharest round or at least pictures I took there. But that’s just the first post about Romania, I have many other things to tell. But I will make tickets a bit shorter.

The most furious of you, the diehard, hardcore readers, or those who have time to spare or nothing better to do, can still go for a ride in the gallery to see

Romanian public transport

Hello friends! See all public transport of the capital city! (Super my intro, right?)

bucuresti-public-transport-01 bucuresti-public-transport-03 bucuresti-public-transport-09 


Here the subway … It’s pretty amazing that subway, there is super nice, super clean … This is one of the most beautiful subway I could see a thousand times more class than clean New York or Paris.

The stations are huge, such underground cathedral, sometimes all in white marble, well lit, comfortable temperatures, little or no pubs, very clean soil. Wow! Thank you communists! The trains are also brand new and everything clean, quiet, etc … I do not know how they did it for something as well.

Let’s go now to the train station, we are overjoyed to have discovered a subway as beautiful and clean.

bucuresti-public-transport-08 bucuresti-public-transport-11

Well, it’s not bad too! It’s not as crazy as the subway but it is very correct. We are especially surprised seeing the great train of the future that waits quietly on the platform. But do not get excited, it’s only a walking turd diesel, and tickets for this train cost 3 times the price of normal train.

The normal train, meanwhile, is a normal train. Not very clean but not too dirty either. By cons, it seems they sell about 3 times more tickets than there are seats, and if we do not jump on the train before it stops, there is no lucky to have a seat. Damn!

bucuresti-public-transport-12 bucuresti-public-transport-07

Here are the trams …! These are really against rotten. This is especially the rails arecompletely twisted , so that the tram has to ride all slowly and you feel completely derail every few meters, it’s really anything. Anyway.

There are also buses, where overheating in the summer, 50 ° kind, totally unbearable. There is the air conditioning, but they simply do not light up, for obscure financial reasons. And sometimes it’s fun, it sees a orange bus TPG (Geneva Public Transport), with the logo, stickers and everything. It’s nice because TPG offered their old buses to Romania after the revolution, and they are still in use, and they have never been painted (they were soiled by cons!).

And finally, it’s not really a transit, but it is also a good way to get around the city, the taxi  ! It’s really cheap, kind 2 francs to cross the city, and it’s darn handy, although taxis cars are often all rotten. Longest taxi I made ​​about 40 minutes until the out of town, came back to 8 francs.And, a sign that taxis work well, there are dozens of taxi company who are in fierce competition, and when you order a taxi one must first choose the company in a long list.